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Meet the worlds only, all female salute, to the almighty


*Motorbäbe is a 3 piece all- female salute, to the all mighty Motörhead.iiii Formed in 2017, this electrifying trio quickly created buzz with their renditions of songs like “Iron Fist,
“Born to Raise Hell”, and even including songs from “Inferno” such as, “In the Name of Tragedy”. Donning a bullet belt and white
boots, singer/bassist Rachel Enyeart, from San Diego, California, captures the true essence of Lemmy, down to her Rickenbacker
bass tone and god given growling, raspy driven voice. Guitarist Phillipa(her real name) Tank, hailing from Australia, nailseach riff of classic era Motörhead,
even up to the Wurzel/Cambell days, with precision and passion.

Keeping the group in impeccable time, is power house drummer Janna Brunner from Orange County, California. Playing with enough
charisma to match “Philthy” Phil Taylor, with machine-like battery power, whilst singing along with the crowd, to every single song.
Embraced by die-hard Motörhead fans all over the world, this dynamic trio is sure to blow the roof off every venue they play.

Rachel Enyeart

Vocals, Bass

Phillipa Tank


Janna Brunner


``Born To Lose ♠️ Live To Win``